My name is Dustin Heuerman, your democratic candidate for Champaign County Sheriff, and I want to WELCOME you to my campaign site. 

Ever get the feeling the criminal justice system is spinning its wheels but not really going anywhere? Me too! As our society evolves, it’s also time for our criminal justice system to evolve. As the current Sheriff retires, I hope you see me as the ideal choice to lead the sheriff's office into the future and help create a culture of diversity, equality and respect. 

I don’t know all of the answers to our community’s criminal justice problems, but the one thing I do know is that my opponent has had the ability to make high-level decisions at the sheriff’s office for years, yet the sheriff's office continues to struggle with providing adequate training and facilities to maintain a high level of service and morale among sheriff's office employees is increasingly diminishing.
Here’s what I’ll do for you: I’ll couple my 19 years of experience as a criminal justice professional with my formal education in both criminology & leadership and partner with YOU, the community, to make positive, impactful changes to the sheriff's office and criminal justice system in Champaign County. This will take a collaborative effort by the sheriff’s office, judicial system, community organizations and other law enforcement agencies within the county, but “business as usual” can no longer be the answer.
If you want a Sheriff who encourages diverse and innovative ideas to help solve our criminal justice system’s problems, and will work with you to reach common goals, I encourage you to vote for a fresh perspective this November!
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