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About Dustin

Although I grew up in Effingham, my husband, Tony, and I have lived in Champaign County since 2008. I am currently a tenured faculty member and criminal justice program coordinator at Lake Land College, a community college in Mattoon, and serve as a part-time police officer for the college as well. I have formerly served as a Deputy Sheriff for the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office. My husband is a Registered Nurse at Carle Foundation Hospital.

I have a vested interest in equality and diversity throughout our criminal justice system. Our police officers and correctional officers should represent the diversity we see in Champaign County. I feel my education and experience can help me to not only make a positive impact toward equality and diversity through the position of Sheriff, but also help facilitate progressive reform. I’m fearful if the Republican candidate is elected, the sheriff's office will continue with a “business as usual” approach and not facilitate meaningful change for our community and our criminal justice system. My goal is that through partnerships and community collaboration, we can facilitate progressive reform for the criminal justice system to help ensure a stronger, safer community for all of us.


Formal Education

Master of Science in Criminology/Criminal Justice

This formal education will help me to not only consider the enforcement side of our criminal justice system, but also consider whycrime is occurring and where changes can be made to prevent it, better rehabilitate offenders and contribute to an overall safer community.

Doctorate in Leadership

This formal education in topics such as strategic planning, managing fiscal resources, recruiting and others compliment my practical leadership skills to make me a well-rounded public service leader. 


 Highlight of Skills and Abilities


  • 19 years in the criminal justice field, including private security, 911 telecommunications, criminal investigations, uniformed patrol and administration.
  • Union leadership to approximately 130 members, including contract negotiations.
  • Writing and oversight of federal grants for training and equipment.
  • Involvement with emergency planning & preparedness for large-scale catastrophes and behavioral threat assessment for college campuses.
  • Oversight of personnel & public facilities, review & development of law enforcement policies & procedures and development & implementation of strategic plans for both short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Service as the Vice Chair of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Champaign.
  • Diverse cultural perspectives, including LGBTQ and Latino communities.


 Dustin Believes:

  • A stronger, safer community is possible through collaboration and partnerships.
  • We should explore alternatives to incarceration, not increase the capacity of the jail.
  • People who fear the police don’t report crime. Nobody should fear speaking with the police.
  • If employees are treated right and given proper training and tools, they will be loyal, ethical public servants.
  • His experience with diverse cultures will help facilitate equality.
  • His master’s degree in criminology will allow him to better prevent crime by examining the causes, not just arrest the offenders.


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