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From Me to You 

Since starting my campaign, one of the things I’ve struggled with is my preconceived notion that I need to tell voters what they want to hear in order for me to get elected. I’ve struggled with how to word things correctly and stressed about how to show how all of my accomplishments have prepared me to be an amazing Sheriff for Champaign County. Then, I thought, why don’t I just tell you my thoughts in an open, honest fashion as a person? So, here you go, even if it’s brief:

  • Everyone should be treated equally by law enforcement.
  • Everyone should be equally protected from crime by law enforcement.
  • No one should live in fear of law enforcement officers.
  • The community should have a voice in criminal justice policy making.
  • Diversity and Inclusion should be the foundation from which we build a new, fair criminal justice policy.
  • Respect begets respect.  Law enforcement officers and correctional officers must earn the respect of the community by showing others the respect they deserve.

I believe in the rule of law.  I earned a master’s degree in criminology and a doctorate in leadership because I wanted to better understand my position as a law enforcement officer.  This is the path I have chosen and was the best for me.  I understand that there are many paths in life that lead to success. My education does not, on its own, qualify to be sheriff, nor should my orientation as a gay man married to a Latino man disqualify me.  It is my 15 years in law enforcement combined with my education, experience, and perspective that qualify me to be your Sheriff.  

The status quo is no longer acceptable.  I’m proud to be the first Democrat on the ballot in over twenty years.  Let’s work together, even when we disagree, to make Champaign County a great place for all of us to live together.

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