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County Jail

We need to find alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders who pose no threat to the community and provide adequate facilities to meet the needs of special populations of offenders when pre-trial detainees and convicted offenders need detained. Helping them to be successful in society is key to keeping them from reoffending.


Morale at the sheriff's office is increasingly diminishing. Employees need to have a voice in decision-making and the potential for promotion based on skills, abilities and experience, not popularity.

Community Violence

Addressing the violence in our communities requires a two-tiered approach: 1) strategic cooperation with other police departments to deter violent crime and get offenders off the streets and 2) collaboration with community organizations to intervene before violent crime occurs.

Police-Community Relationship

People who fear the police don't report crime. Nobody should fear speaking with the police. Community policing is the key to rebuilding the public's trust in the criminal justice system.

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